Saturday, September 09, 2006

Working at home

So here is my beloved one sitting on his brand new chair bought in an auction the past week.
He is one of the lucky ones that has the opportunity to work at home. He started a couple of months ago, and he is basically on our new US telephone line and on his laptop all the time. He is in charge of training the argentinian team to sell a software package called Pro-Engineer.
As he is working for an american office he is doing the San Francisco's hours. We are 4 hours ahead, so he is starting almost at noon everyday and he is finishing at 10 every night!!!. So we get to eat pretty late and we go to bed even later!.
Anyway we are doing good with this new timetable. It gives me more time to do stuff for me, like going to the gym and watching the shows that I want on TV!!!...well until he gets downstairs and he steals the remote control from me...

Love u all!. Loved the comments! (gracias ma!!, y sí se publicó!!)

How could I deal with these argentinian girls????!!!...God, help me!!!!

Comfy office

Do u like my chair??!!!


Kelly Ren said...

I love the Chair! Another chair! That's great becuase Keiki said you guys needed more places to sit when you have company --like us!

We'll I hope your days are going better Sol. I've been working long hours too. I have a new boss, but I like her a lot. She has very high expectations.

Chris leaves tonight for Austria for two weeks of training. On his way home he'll stop off in Chicago (Kellogg) for McKinsey recruitment. I'm going to miss him :(. This past week he had off (or "on the beach" as the consulting lingo goes)so we had lots of quality time.

Have you talked to Steve and Keiki recently? Apparently the weather was rough for the Maui swim. They're already planning for next year.

It looks chilly there! It's starting to cool off at nights. Fall is here.

At work we're starting to plan for my absense for three weeks in December. Did I tell you we have already arranged for Nali and Nesta's boarding?

Anonymous said...

la silla me parece horrible, pero el que la usa es un bombón asesino, lindo lindo... besitos ma