Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunday afternoon

Day to catch up with stuff around the house. We needed to organize the cables all around the office and the almost abandoned terrace. I felt so guilty today while I was cutting off the dead leaves from the plants, which were a few!.
We bought a new scratching toy for Thai and some grass so he could bite it without being punished by us, but of course non of them worked that well. He did not pay attention to the toy at all, and he kept on biting all the plants while I was doing my work!.
Now it is pretty late, we just finished our dinner next door with my sister, Nico the little Valentin and my mom, and we are about to go to bed. So good night everyone, have a nice start of the week to those in Argentina and France and keep enjoying the long weekend, you lucky ones, in the States!.

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