Thursday, September 14, 2006

So this is 'till...

a week?... I hope. Hi everyone!, this is a short goodbye, cause I'm off for a week. I am going to Córdoba (center of Argentina) to assist to a Paleontology Congress next week. So next week is about to be all about work!.
Anyway, I got to go to "el campo" this weekend to see my parents, which whom are taking me to Córdoba on Monday morning.
So it will be nice to be surronded by the great "monte", considering the fact that it has been almost 7 month since I've been there for the last time, for at least two days!.(I promise photos!)

Going back to the Congress, I am presenting some preliminary results of my first approach to my PhD thesis in a Poster session.

and this is how it looks!

well, it is nothing like this... I mean the colors, but...
So I have a lot of things to do yet for tomorrow, print some stuff, pack, etc.

Goodbye!, Thank you so much for all the comments. It is so fun to read them, we are really thankful!

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Kelly Ren said...

Save travels Sol! Tell your family we say hello and are so excited to meet them.