Saturday, September 23, 2006

We can smell Spring coming...

Hi everyone! I'm back!. This have been a really crazy week. Non stop!.
It started at Montes Grandes (the family farm, where my parents live). So Friday night I convinced Scott to come up with me for the weekend. We arrived Saturday morning and we went straight to bed considering the fact that we did not sleep that well on the bus. The weekend was all about relaxing. Walking, reading, watching tv and specially eating was part of the program.
It was kind of sad to see the lack of rain at the campo, even though it is amazing how plants can still find their own resources. We had such a good time that I don't know why it is so hard for us to take the decition to go over more often.
Monday very early in the morning, my parents and myself departured to Córdoba, 'cause as I have told you before, I had to assist to a Paleontology Congress. My parents organized this little tour of 3 days to La Rioja and Merlo (2 little villages near by) and the idea was to pickme up on Thursday, to come to Buenos Aires to my cousin's wedding.
Scott took a bus to Rosario where he was going to stay for the day working and then he would come back home.

Some views of the evening from the car

The "Ombu" (Phytollaca dioica) fighting the last colds of the winter...

The common "Espinillo" (Acacia caven) from these forests

These are the thorns of a native tree called "Palo Borracho" (Chorisia speciosa) which means drunk stick, becouse its trunk has the form of a bottle. Has lovely flowers, not blossomed yet.

A wind mill covered with nests of a bird similar to a parrot which invaded pretty recently the area.

Soy grains the most common harvest in Argentina

Some pics of the doggies and Scott playing with them

More from Córdoba coming soon...

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