Sunday, September 10, 2006


Starting on Friday night with a great asado. ( I give all the credit to Nico, who was the one to create this great photo story. You should not miss it!.

Saturday, tea with home made chocolate chip oat meal cookies at home, just Scottie and I.

Saturday night: Emiliano's birthday party. Fun fun fun...

Isn't funny how these pictures look together?

We crowned this busy weekend with a big brunch in the terrace

So nice Monday everyone!.
Thanks Kelly for the comments!.


Kelly Ren said...

You're welcome for the comments! I posted some last night but I was so tired I closed the box before I hit preview/publish. :(

Keiki is at her computer class tonight. I've been telling her all about this blog, and I've promised I give her a "blog tutorial" so she can see it. She got excited when I told her you post pictures of your dinner or pictures of Valentin. She's so easy to please!

Those cookies lookg good! I think I may go walk the doggies to get dessert tonight. Tonight is the first night in a few weeks I'm not working. And it got up into the 90's today!

Finally, it's great to see you're using the trays I got you! Did I mention that already? I got them at Anthropologie, that store that you bought the "vintagey" dress at.


Anonymous said...

Gracias Kelly por enseñarle a tu bebe a preparar este brunch tan rico!!
Como comimos!! en especial Nico! je