Sunday, December 31, 2006

The 2006's top five

.1. Graduating from school.
.2. Receiving a grant from the CONICET.
.3. Having the our whole family together the Noetinger's and the Hayashi's at last.
.4. My field trip to Jujuy
.5. Realizing we love each other more everyday.

Hope you had, having or will have a great new year's eve!

Love you all...
Los queremos mucho...

Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas postcards

Merry Christmas everyone!
I am back!, trying to fit in my regular life again... and it is not easy.
Well as you can imagine, we were pretty busy these days.
Christmas eve was very particular, it was our first one with no electricity under a big storm including hail!.
Somehow it did not ruin the celebration and we got to manage it by making a last minute arrangements...

This was before the storm, candles all over the gallery as a decoration...

Kelly and Chris taking care of little Valentín while the others were getting ready

The tree under candle light (now not as a decoration!)

Tatana (Nico's mom - my sister's boyfriend - )and Keiko opening the special presents that Santa has brought to them...

As soon as the rain stopped we lit the tons of fireworks off that my mom has bought

On thr 25th. we got to see with light what we all have had last night...

So, hope you had a nice Christmas too!...

More updates soon.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Fishes dancing in the street

Saturday night we went over for dinner: The Noetinger's, Bosio's; Hayashi's and the Roux's families!!... all together.
We decided to go to a place specialized in fish (pretty uncommon here, due to the well known Argentinian preferences) called Jangada.
The story is that we all finished as fish, because there was a big storm that was coming over our heads and as we had a place outside and because we were so much they did not have space for us until a couple of drops!
Inside we had two separated tables (group A and B, as we called ourselves), where we continue to eat and later to wait to any cab that would sail the flooded streets...

The threatening storm

The great grilled pacú (fresh water fish from the area)

After a few drops we could get a place inside

By the time that we wanted to go home, it was impossible to get a cab

A few courageous ones went over to fight with the rain and the people who was in the same situation as we were to get a cab...

but it was not easy or fast... and the bodies kept falling...

But Nico found one!!...said Steve... but we need 5!!!

Luckily we all could return to our respective homes with our full bellies and our happy hearts!

Good week everyone!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

I was chosen to be...

the godmother of Marcos. We had the christening yesterday afternoon, during one of the hottest days of the year.

"Enlightenment" on the church floor.

Thanks for the comments!, and Peter, please, don't hesitate to call us if you come back!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas is here... and the Hayashi's too

The Hayashi's are here!!... they arrived this Monday and they are staying 'till the 27th. So We are really busy, trying to do a little bit of everything!.

Kelly, Keiko and little Valentín

Chris loving empanadas

I heart this holiday!. It is my favorite one!

Sunday, December 10, 2006


If you were wondering why the blog has not been updated this week, well, I've been out for work. To be precise I've been to Jujuy, to the Quebrada de Humahuaca. We did not have much time since the people from the Tucumán University called us to go to this field trip. This is part of the zone that is included in my PhD thesis... and as you can see is heaven. I fell completely in love with it.

We went over to Jujuy the past Sunday and we stayed until Friday. We arrived and the people from Tucumán, two geologists, picked us up and we went over straight to Humahuaca where we spent the night. There, we met two more people from San Juan, a sedimentologist and his girlfriend who went to keep him company.
Next day we drove to the outcrop, at 4600 m (15000 feet), which comprises basically all the inferior Paleozoic , from the Precambrian to nearly the Carboniferous.
My goal was to take palynologycal samples, which are some rock which could contain this kind of organic matter, so it had to be of a particular color and texture (not to be too specific). It was good that we had enough time to take all the samples that we wanted to, but unfortunately we can not know if they are fertile or barren until we process them at the laboratory.

I had a really great time!!...I felt so lucky enjoying my work!!.

And as I titled this post, for those who really know what I mean by being happy, I felt happiness, as I was shivering because of the cold, being hot due to the dry wind or even having insomnia because of the uncomfortable tent.

Some vicuñas

At 5000 m everything looks different...

A fossil trace called Cruziana, which are supposed that they were made by trilobites. This one is from the Ordovician

Some flora from the area

Guillermo and Juan Pablo observing the Ordovician - Silurian boundary

Our base camp, inside a goat field

After a hot shower at the hotel in our way back, some beers at a bar in Humahuaca (Guillermo, Mariela and Juan Pablo)

We had a day to be tourist too...

Purmamarca (with the seven colors hill: each color indicates a different time period). It is amazing!

: the Pucará ruins

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Bleu : Blanc : Rouge

Today we went over to Clara and Julie's school's end of the year party. For those who do not know yet, Clara and Julie are the girls of one of my best friends: Pat.
To give you an idea, when Julie was around one year old, and Pat was moving from her apartment, I took Julie (only her by that time) to my parent's house at the campo for 10 days...she was so little!!!...
so as you can imagine I have a very very close relationship with them... I care for them so much.

We went over to their school, early this morning, to see them performing their acts.

Clara dressed up as a giraffe; leopard, hyena??... we could not figured it out yet!

Julie all in blue, red and white, she danced in two acts!

Girls from kindergarten attentively watching the show

Some art from the kids at school

After school, we had some smoothies and sandwiches near by.
Pat and her mom, Beatrice, arrived from France not long ago.

Friday, December 01, 2006

We got mail !

We just received a package from France... from our missed friends Adrienne and Gustavo:
A nice card, a lovely notebook, a special paper to put behind our Japanese's stencil and a heart which gets bigger and then it shrinks again...
It was so good!!!...thank you so much guys!!!.
Los extrañamos mucho por acá!!!... I still don't find any afternoon tea companion.