Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Fishes dancing in the street

Saturday night we went over for dinner: The Noetinger's, Bosio's; Hayashi's and the Roux's families!!... all together.
We decided to go to a place specialized in fish (pretty uncommon here, due to the well known Argentinian preferences) called Jangada.
The story is that we all finished as fish, because there was a big storm that was coming over our heads and as we had a place outside and because we were so much they did not have space for us until a couple of drops!
Inside we had two separated tables (group A and B, as we called ourselves), where we continue to eat and later to wait to any cab that would sail the flooded streets...

The threatening storm

The great grilled pacĂș (fresh water fish from the area)

After a few drops we could get a place inside

By the time that we wanted to go home, it was impossible to get a cab

A few courageous ones went over to fight with the rain and the people who was in the same situation as we were to get a cab...

but it was not easy or fast... and the bodies kept falling...

But Nico found one!!...said Steve... but we need 5!!!

Luckily we all could return to our respective homes with our full bellies and our happy hearts!

Good week everyone!

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