Saturday, December 02, 2006

Bleu : Blanc : Rouge

Today we went over to Clara and Julie's school's end of the year party. For those who do not know yet, Clara and Julie are the girls of one of my best friends: Pat.
To give you an idea, when Julie was around one year old, and Pat was moving from her apartment, I took Julie (only her by that time) to my parent's house at the campo for 10 days...she was so little!!!...
so as you can imagine I have a very very close relationship with them... I care for them so much.

We went over to their school, early this morning, to see them performing their acts.

Clara dressed up as a giraffe; leopard, hyena??... we could not figured it out yet!

Julie all in blue, red and white, she danced in two acts!

Girls from kindergarten attentively watching the show

Some art from the kids at school

After school, we had some smoothies and sandwiches near by.
Pat and her mom, Beatrice, arrived from France not long ago.

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