Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas is here... and the Hayashi's too

The Hayashi's are here!!... they arrived this Monday and they are staying 'till the 27th. So We are really busy, trying to do a little bit of everything!.

Kelly, Keiko and little Valentín

Chris loving empanadas

I heart this holiday!. It is my favorite one!


Anonymous said...

Saludos a la flia de Scott!
Bsos a todos

Peter said...

Sol, Scott- Glad to hear that the Hayashi's arrived safely for the holidays. Please say hi for me, and best wishes for a very happy Christmas to all of you. And tell Steve particularly that I have some work for him when he gets back to the States.

I really enjoyed my visit to Buenos Aires, thank you very much for your hospitality and your patience with the endless questions. I already miss your summer weather, as it was very stormy (rain and high winds) here in Oregon yesterday, and tonight it will be below freezing. I'm already thinking about a return visit, your pictures of the Andes are beautiful and I'd like to see them myself.