Monday, January 15, 2007

Weekend treasures

Sunday we went to Tigre and we stopped by an antique fair and looking through the bargains we found these vintage outlet covers very cheap.

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KellyRen said...

Hola Solsita!

Que tal? I just sent you and Scotty an email. There is more exciting news in our family!

Also, yesterday I bought a case of Malbec from Terazzas from their 2004 vintage. It's almost as if we're back in Argentina...okay not really but at least we have the vino part down. My friends have noted that I'm much more comfortable drinking red wine. I let them know it's only Malbec for me!

This weekend we're spending Friday night in SF and all day Saturday we'll be in Napa Valley for a wine tour with 15 of Chris' friends for his birthday! I rented a driver and a bus, so it should be a good time. We'll be sure to take lots of pictures.

We miss you!!!

Love to both of you!