Sunday, January 28, 2007

a systematically arranged collection of dried plants.
  • a room or building housing such a collection
  • a box, cabinet or other receptacle in which dried plants are kept
ORIGIN late 18 th cent.: from late Latin from Latin herba "grass, herb"

I would like to present my great grandfather's "amateur" herbarium. Like me, he was a biologist as well. Even though he had a laboratory which produced beauty care products based on plants that he had cultivated, his real love was teaching, and in fact he became the principal of an important high school from Buenos Aires. Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to know him, and due to the veneration of my grandmother towards him, it is impossible to get the whole truth about him...

The great thing is that I have the honor to keep this herbarium which was kept so zealously by my grandmother until she realized that I was the next biologist in the family.

It is amazing how the plants are preserved, he was able to dry a cactus which is nearly impossible!. I invite you to see more pictures or details: here.

Following my great grandfather tradition I have been collecting plants for more than 10 years. My herbarium is more professional, It has all the requirements of a real one. I have more than 200 plants named and more waiting to be.... as soon as I have some free time!

For those who got inspired I leave you this link where you can read how to make your own.


.cecilia. said...

esto es PRECIOSO! Las fotos te quedaron hermosas.

Sol said...

Mil gracias!!... fue tu idea!