Friday, November 03, 2006

Welcome to Miami (cheesy music in the background)

Hello… and we are back… sort of, cause we are off tonight to Nico’s brother wedding at Saira (the town next to Noetinger). Ok, so it is hard to resume everything from Miami, ‘cause even though it was not a long time, as we had this long trip, it appeared to be longer than it really was… and this is a fortunate thing.

So, I know that Scott is introducing more people to this kind of a blog, so welcome! and forgive my English, sometimes I would like to have a better vocabulary to express exactly what I mean, but I try… so patience!

Well, I will tell mostly the story of the wedding, with the more respectable pictures that we could rescue so it would be more fun…

When we got there, the ceremony was already finished

so, we got to go for some drinks

and meet Scott’s friends (from left to right: Grant; Craig; Michael and Scott)

and Lauren

by the end of the hors d’ouvre the tables were already set

and the people already assigned to the tables

socializing with the “strangers” at the table… which actually they were fun! (or drunk!..or both)

and the recently landed couple from BA…

smiles, with cake and Jack Daniels shots…

and the party is getting starting…

there was time for serious talk too… (really??, no way!)

and more dancing

Michael Dan trying to contact with the english girls

Hey DJ, great music!!... loved it

we are off…

to the bar!!!... (yes, continuing..). Bride and groom at their best

it was not our fault!!, they made us drink…

… of course the bride had to be there!

…I guess I can not see anymore, what time is it?...lets go to bed!

Ok, we went to the beach too…

and the weekend was over… too soon...

So thanks to you all, It was great meeting you guys, I wish we had more time together. We would love to have you at BA!!

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KellyRen said...


I'm so sorry I haven't been responding to your blog. We've been busy, busy, busy too!

It's great to think we were in the same country for a short while.... It looks like you had so much fun at the wedding. Why were you guys late? Did you miss your plane? Scotty, we like the tie you're wearing! My brother is such a dapper dude.

So, in the pictures, I didn't see Scotty downing any shots. I'll pay top dollar for anyone that can produce a picture of my brother drinking or drunk! Maybe this Christmas we can make it happen!

These were great photos. Thank you for sharing Sol!