Thursday, August 31, 2006

Some more light

Some sun through the lab's window

Soft... nice


Not that bad actually!!

Thursday night, the only day that I don't have any extra thing after the lab. So I get to rest and take my time to cook, read or just watch some tv.
Tonight I'm alone 'cause Scottie is away at Rosario. He is coming back right now, so he is getting in at 2 this morning. I am a little lazy tonight to cook so I went to the grocery store and I bought this experiment of 1 minute hamburgers to prepare in the microwave...they were not that bat actually.
I tried this Malbec 2004 from Mendoza, quite good.
Now enjoying the rest of the night watching some VMA while I'm having some white chocolate.
Good night everyone and good day.

Gustavo have a heureux anniversaire!!!...we miss you guys!!

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KellyRen said...

Hola Sol. Chris and I just checked in at your blog again. he said the picture of your dinner is so you Sol: red wine and salt!

I used the Noetinger family pictures as a tutorial for Chris to learn faces and names. I can't believe how big Valentin is! We need more updated pictures --just like I need to show you how big Nesta is!

Kelly (and Chris)